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Spider Vein, Varicose Vein Leg Massage Oil, Yarrow, Herbal Oil


Item collection 329396d7 ada2 4d57 8a18 f534c034d75d

Sun Protection Facial Moisturizing Cream with SPF, Natural Protection, Zinc Oxide


Item collection 70236511 9aee 4bc6 8f57 3684a6e2b03b

Touch of Vanilla Wrinkle Wrath Moisturizing Cream, Fine Lines, Organic Skin Care, Aromatherapy


Item collection 96626852 7c51 47c5 8774 db21f58f6d67

Facial Moisturizing Cream, No added Essential oils, Added Hempseed oil, Rosehip seed oil, Unrefined Coconut oil, Mature skin


Item collection eef63e73 58fe 4ccb abe1 e3ebaf1706dd

Garden Stroll Body Wash, Castile Soap, Rosewater, Organic Clean


Item collection 4a23b4a3 86e6 48bf a831 6aaaa064fd78

Plantain and Violet Herbal Lip Balm, Organic, Healing, Tubal Salve for Lips


Item collection 965a2c26 e774 490b 9ac8 7b19fe63da01

Flea Powder, Deet free, Dog and Cat Safe, Natural Pet Care, Herbal


Item collection cc418038 0df6 4c94 ab79 d06f486fcedb

Patchouli & Hemp Seed Oil Hand & Body Lotion


Item collection 37a157ea 6ac3 4d19 bba7 80674f9eda9e

Body Butter Fluff Face and Body Moisturizer, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Sweet Orange, Cardamom


Item collection 4470b83a ece0 414c 9557 45da6025a253

Ease The Stress Body Spray


Item collection a143f665 601c 4e66 8d37 1bb95a368f26

Down In The Dumps Bath Oil, Uplift the Spirits, Sadness, Depression


Item collection 6720294 original

Itchy Skin Relief Spray, Witch Hazel & Glycerin, Skin conditions, Irritated skin


Item collection 4757048 original

Irritated Skin, Rash, Dry Skin Herbal Salve, Conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis


Item collection 3085480 original

Rosewater n' Glycerin Hand and Body Lotion


Item collection 1668401 original

Body Lotion and Natural Sunblock, zinc oxide protection, child safe, bald head care


Item collection 3231306 original

Rosewater and Glycerin Facial Wash, Moisturizer, Toner, Mist, Soapfree Cleanse


Item collection 1668354 original

Student Care Package,Girls, Guys, Natural Relief for Student Complaints


Item collection e90d02ca 1013 4011 a526 96da06d2c883

Rose Honey & Glycerin Facial Wash, Gentle Skin Care, All Skin Types


Item collection 2479708 original

Pain Relief Anti-Inflammatory Bath Oil, Lupus, Arthritis, Muscle Ache


Item collection 3596861 original

Patchouli & Tangerine Body Spray, Morning Dew, Calming, Grounding


Item collection 3800083 original

Herbal Insect, Bug Repellent, Pregnant Women & Child Safe


Item collection 1668356 original

Sensuous Serenity Massage and Body Oil


Item collection 3235826 original

Coconut Oil Hair Mask, Conditioner, Oil, Body Moisturizer, Scalp Psoriasis


Item collection 7493511 original

Bathroom Buddy Toilet Spray, Odor Blocker, Aromatherapy Barrier


Item collection d6f55605 438b 4232 8fea 3486fba14428

Lemon Balm & St. Johnswort Herbal Salve, Cold Sores, Herpes virus, Shingles


Item collection 3281608 original

Lanolin Eye Cream, fine lines, dark circles


Item collection 7444646 original

Hair Repair Conditioning Nettle infused Jojoba Oil Treatment, Beard Oil


Item collection abaa5c0b 42d1 46db 8f4f 4773ac6f7a16

Poison Ivy, Stinging Nettles Relief Body Spray, Jewelweed


Item collection 1668632 original

8 oz. size Real Honey n' Glycerin Facial Wash for All Skin Types


Item collection 39dd4653 ce7f 4be7 8827 58361998c450

Soapfree Aloe Rose Facial Wash, Gentle Cleanse, Serum, Makeup remover, Rosewater, Sensitive Skin


Item collection 2aa844e8 aa8a 4b3b 884b a89b932054d7

Real Honey n' Glycerin Facial Wash for All Skin Types, Gentle skin Cleanse


Item collection 3742738 original

All Natural Deodorant, Shea Butter or Coconut & Shea Butter, Aromatherapy


Item collection 5588285 original

Deodorant Natural Solid Deodorant Stick, Shea Butter, Coconut oil


Item collection 1668681 original

Herbal Vinegar Rinse for Darker Hair


Item collection 6fe78145 a473 405e 9887 95733c69eb83

The Regal Rose Facial Moisturizing Cream


Item collection 1834960 original

Rose & Elderflower Vinegar Facial Toner/Astringent


Item collection 6285480 original

Restless Mind Sleep Aid Linen Spray


Item collection 1668406 original

Sandalwood and Lavender Facial Moisturizing Cream


Item collection 3675962 original

Minor Burns, Sunburn, Radiation Skin Care Healing Salve


Item collection 1668482 original

Gentle Lavender n' Peppermint Castile Based Shampoo-For people and their dogs


Item collection 1668450 original

Funky Scalp n' Dandruff Nettles Jojoba Oil Treatment


Item collection 3785125 original

Herbal Black Drawing Salve, Splinters, Infection


Item collection 7081338 original

Solid Perfume, Exotic, Spicy, Fragrance, Cinnamon, Clove, Sandalwood


Item collection 7081284 original

Scar Treatment, Prevention, Wound Care, Stretch Marks


Item collection 1668606 original

Stretch Marks, Pregnant Belly Balm, Expecting Mom, Calendula


Item collection 7081321 original

Old Scar Treatment, Fades, Softens Skin, Stretch Marks


Item collection 1668366 original

Solid Perfume, Earthy Patchouli n' Lavender


Item collection 1668824 original

Solid Perfume, Sweet Ylang Ylang, Warm Vanilla


Item collection 1668489 original

St. Johnswort Anti-inflammatory Liniment oil, Sprain n' Strain Relief


Item collection 2670728 original

Dandelion Flower Balm, Salve, PMS relief, Breast Health


Item collection 3092900 original

Coconut Sugar Scrub for Face & Body, Lemongrass, Exfoliation


Item collection 3254648 original

Lemon n' Ginger Raw Honey Syrup, Colds, Throat, Cough, Tea Time


Item collection 2479690 original

Raw Honey Lavender Facial Mask, all skin types, wound care, burns


Item collection 2709460 original

Lavender Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse, All Hair Types


Item collection 1668596 original

Sunburn Soother Spritz, Facial Toner, Rose n' Elder


Item collection 1668787 original

Cellulite Battle Duo Massage oil and Bath Salts


Item collection 1668512 original

Camping, Festival, Beach Care Package


Item collection 6820644 original

Vanilla Divine Massage, Body or Bath Oil, Sensual, Moisturizing


Item collection 98f7307a 0a70 4c22 905d c852c121ea58

White Yarrow Herbal Salve, Bruises, Nosebleeds, Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Wound, Styptic, Wildcrafted


Item collection 3800984 original

Peppermint Body or Air Spray


Meadow Muffin Gardens

What home remedies and skin care products did past generations use to care for their families?

Wholesome and practical, natural and affordable is the best way to describe our line of body care.

Guided by wisdom and knowledge passed down from past generations, our products consist of ingredients provided by our natural world.
Information and recipes often tucked away in quaint old books resurface to remind us that 'simple is best'.

Knowledge of what is in your products is the start to taking back control as a consumer.

Utilizing herbs, flowers, aromatherapy, and oils without the use of parabens, artificial colorings or synthetic fragrances to create natural solutions to personal and family care needs. Several items can also be used for the care of your dog; a few that are also safe for cats.

Ingredients used are purchased from reputable, certified organic companies or grown organically in my own gardens.

No need for concern about the harm to animals as there are no animal products or animal testing involved in these products.

Though there is a section labeled Babies, Children, there are many items throughout the shop wonderful for children. The items within the Babies, Children, Pregnancy section simply make it easier to find items for very young children and pregnant women.

Items are made in small batches as they are needed. In our attempts to avoid the use of parabens as preservatives, only natural preservatives are used. The paraben family includes methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and ethylparaben. Parabens are synthetic (aka chemical) preservatives commonly used to increase the shelf life in cosmetics and personal care products. Being parabens have been known to cause skin problems as well as disrupt the body's endocrine system, we'd rather leave them out of our products. Our philosophy is that your body care products should be fresh (as with anything put into or onto your body) and are not meant to sit on a shelf for lengths of time.

Natural preservatives used include antimicrobial grapefruit seed extract, antioxidant Vit. E and the concentration of essential oils if used. What this means is that while these natural preservatives deter the growth of bacteria and molds, they are not broad spectrum and offer a limited shelf life. Products which contain water such as the creams and lotions are the most at risk for contamination. Such at risk products should be used within about 4 months. The salves, balms, honey, salts, powders, butters, and oils, containing no water, are very stable as is and are fine for months. Keep any of the products in a cool location, and out of exposure to heat and sunlight. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life of perishable items.

Natural skin care rewards you with the knowledge of knowing what you are putting on your body, thereby greatly reducing the chance of skin irritation or allergic reaction. Immune systems differ, therefore there is always the risk of sensitivity even with natural products.

Should there be a sensitivity or allergy to an ingredient in a product, let me know and if possible we can substitute.

Shifting to natural body care gears you away from commercial hype concerning beauty and more towards trusting your own intuition. Feel nurtured and more spiritually in tune with what your body needs to remain in good health, which is the description of beauty.

Enjoy a free sample with your first order!


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