Solid Lotion Moisturizing Body Bars, lip balm, stretch marks, under eyes treatment

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Product Description

Convenient little moisturizing bars handy for purse or travel.

Shea butter and cocoa butter are a great combination for:
- use as a lip balm
- apply onto those fine lines around eyes
- dermatitis and eczema
a chronic condition but the combination of cocoa butter
and shea butter is very soothing for rough areas
- helps reduce appearance of scars
- helps reduce appearance of stretch marks
- moisturizer for rough spots such as elbows, knees, heels
- personal lubricant (request the addition of coconut oil)

These adorable little body butter bars are a great gift idea for the person on the go. They are small enough to tuck in a purse while traveling without adding the weight of yet another jar to the cosmetic bag

They are made up of cocoa butter, shea butter,jojoba oil, and beeswax. Cocoa butter on its own has a delicious chocolate scent so additional fragrance is not added.

Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature but melts when applied to the warmth of your skin. Cocoa butter forms a protective barrier between sensitive skin and environmental exposure.
Shea butter is another heavy butter that once it penetrates is very therapeutic for dry damaged skin. High in fatty acids needed to retain moisture and elasticity, shea butter is sometimes called African cocoa butter.
Jojoba oil, or rather a wax from the jojoba plant, is very similar to our skin's own natural oils in structure. Jojoba oil so resembles human sebum that it acts as a protective coating, sort of like a second skin.

Just rub the bar over whatever areas of your body need moisturizing, pampering or healing. Great for spot applications such as hands, lips, rough knees, elbows or heels, freshly shaven legs, dry itchy patches, scars, stretch marks. The star points work great for applying around the lips and eyes.

The usual order is 2 oz. by weight of three hearts and three stars delivered in a little basket. Baskets vary. If you prefer all the same shape let me know.
A quaint little basket is included for display at home but for portability a small tin or plastic container would be ideal. If you don't want the basket than I can send along an 8 oz size plastic jar to store them all in or a 1 oz size plastic jar which would fit one bar at a time for travel. Just let me know.

Be aware that those with nut or latex allergies may have an allergic reaction to shea butter.

 Solid Lotion Moisturizing Body Bars, lip balm, stretch marks, under eyes  Solid Lotion Moisturizing Body Bars, lip balm, stretch marks, under eyes  Solid Lotion Moisturizing Body Bars, lip balm, stretch marks, under eyes  Solid Lotion Moisturizing Body Bars, lip balm, stretch marks, under eyes

Meadow Muffin Gardens

What home remedies and skin care products did past generations use to care for their families?

Wholesome and practical, natural and affordable is the best way to describe our line of body care.

Guided by wisdom and knowledge passed down from past generations, our products consist of ingredients provided by our natural world.
Information and recipes often tucked away in quaint old books resurface to remind us that 'simple is best'.

Knowledge of what is in your products is the start to taking back control as a consumer.

Utilizing herbs, flowers, aromatherapy, and oils without the use of parabens, artificial colorings or synthetic fragrances to create natural solutions to personal and family care needs. Several items can also be used for the care of your dog; a few that are also safe for cats.

Ingredients used are purchased from reputable, certified organic companies or grown organically in my own gardens.

No need for concern about the harm to animals as there are no animal products or animal testing involved in these products.

Though there is a section labeled Babies, Children, there are many items throughout the shop wonderful for children. The items within the Babies, Children, Pregnancy section simply make it easier to find items for very young children and pregnant women.

Items are made in small batches as they are needed. In our attempts to avoid the use of parabens as preservatives, only natural preservatives are used. The paraben family includes methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and ethylparaben. Parabens are synthetic (aka chemical) preservatives commonly used to increase the shelf life in cosmetics and personal care products. Being parabens have been known to cause skin problems as well as disrupt the body's endocrine system, we'd rather leave them out of our products. Our philosophy is that your body care products should be fresh (as with anything put into or onto your body) and are not meant to sit on a shelf for lengths of time.

Natural preservatives used include antimicrobial grapefruit seed extract, antioxidant Vit. E and the concentration of essential oils if used. What this means is that while these natural preservatives deter the growth of bacteria and molds, they are not broad spectrum and offer a limited shelf life. Products which contain water such as the creams and lotions are the most at risk for contamination. Such at risk products should be used within about 4 months. The salves, balms, honey, salts, powders, butters, and oils, containing no water, are very stable as is and are fine for months. Keep any of the products in a cool location, and out of exposure to heat and sunlight. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life of perishable items.

Natural skin care rewards you with the knowledge of knowing what you are putting on your body, thereby greatly reducing the chance of skin irritation or allergic reaction. Immune systems differ, therefore there is always the risk of sensitivity even with natural products.

Should there be a sensitivity or allergy to an ingredient in a product, let me know and if possible we can substitute.

Shifting to natural body care gears you away from commercial hype concerning beauty and more towards trusting your own intuition. Feel nurtured and more spiritually in tune with what your body needs to remain in good health, which is the description of beauty.

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